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Infrastructure Consultant
in overleg

2005 - Consultancy Training, Kweekel BV Business Training
2003 - iPlanet Portal Server 6, at Webflex (Sun WBT)
2003 - iPlanet Webserver 6, at Webflex (Sun WBT)
2002 - IBM WebSphere 3.5, at Webflex
2001 - iPlanet Webserver 4, at Webflex (Sun)
2000 - SUN Enterprise E10k Administration, at SUN Microsystems
2000 - Advanced TCP/IP Administration, at SUN Microsystems
2000 - Change- en problem management via IBM-Infoman, at ING bank
2000 - Basic Network Infrastructures, at IBM
1999 - BMC Patrol User Course
1999 - Tivoli Enterprise Console User course, at IBM
1999 - SUN High Availability Cluster Administration with StorEdge A5000 and Veritas VM, at SUN Microsystems
1999 - Veritas Volume Manager, at SUN Microsystems
1998 - DCE and Encina, Distributed Computing Environments, at TransArc London
1998 - Effective communication within large corporations, at Ruysdael, Zeist
1998 - Korn-Shell Programming, at SUN Microsystems
1998 - SUN Solaris System Administration I+II, at SUN Microsystems
1998 - ITIL Essentials
1998 - IBM AIX System Administration (AU 13+14+15+16), at CTG Nederland
1997 - NIBE, Inleiding Bankbedrijf - Introduction Banking Business
1997 - NIBE, Orientatie Bankbedrijf - Orientation Banking Business
1994-1995 - Mental training, "Thinking towards goals", N.O.C. - Dutch Olympic Committee

iPlanet Directory Server v5.1, SunONE, Sun Java Dirctory System
iPlanet Webserver v4.1, 6
iPlanet Application Server
iPlanet ECXpert
iPlanet Market Maker
Apache httpd 1.3, 2.0 (i.e. plugins like perl, php, ssl, proxy)
IBM WebSphere v3+4
Sun Solaris 6+7+8+9
Sun Cluster
Veritas Volume Manager
Solstice Disksuite
Networking TCP/IP
Basic Sendmail
UNIX Security (i.e. TCP-wrappers, tripwire)
RedHat 7+9
Netegrity Siteminder v4

Jan.2005 - Present Infrastructure Consultant at EDS, ABN-AMRO-account, Amsterdam NL. Solaris consultant for upscaling and maintaining an active SWIFT-instance, scripting and administration. Involved in iPlanet engineering, advanced troubleshooting and log-analysing.
Streamlining teamstructure and applciation maintenance, setting up documenting procedures and handover documentation
Skills: SUN Solaris
iPlanet Webserver v4+
Apache httpd
Basic Networking
Documentation Standards

Dec.2003 - Dec.2004 Infra Middleware Consultant at Expresso Paper Platform, Hoofddorp NL, responsible for product investigation focused on future maintainability as well as 3rd line administration of production-, preproduction and staging environment. Preparing Directory (iDS) changes for multi-master repl. and possible replacements
Skills: Apache httpd 2.0.x incl. SSL handling and proxy functionality
iPlanet Webserver v6
iPlanet / SUN-One / Directory Server v5.2
iPlanet Application Server
iPlanet ECXpert v3.6.2
iPlanet Messaging Server v5
SUN Solaris

Sept.2003 - Dec.2003 Internet Infra Consultant at OCE Tenchologies, Venl0 NL, Implementing a new load-balanced Internet environment with a master-master replicating LDAP-database and a scalable clustered Web Front End.
Skills: iPlanet Webserver clustering
iPlanet / SUN One Directory Server incl. multi-master repl.
SUN Solaris
Technical Project Management

Mar.2003 - Aug.2003 Intranet Consultant at ASML, Veldhoven NL. Lead consultant in re-designing the Sun / iPlanet based portal environment and setting up Capacity Management and management reporting for this Portal Environment.
Skills: Capacity Management
SUN Solaris
SUN ONE Portal Server
CA UniCenter (reporting)

Jan.2003 - Mar. 2003 Internet Consultant at NRS / CR-Delta, Arnhem NL. Setting up NL's first Solaris based Citrix Secure Gateway solution, enabling the client to provide customers with a webenabled ERP application through Citrix.
Skills: SUN Solaris
Citrix on Solaris

Jul.2001 - Dec.2002 Intranet Consultant at ABN-AMRO, Amsterdam NL. Engineering and setting up a Corporate Portal environment based on SUN hardware and software like IBM WebSphere, iPlanet Web and Directory Server and Epicentric Foundation Server and Siteminder. Also participating in several seperate Websphere projects.
Skills: IBM WebSphere v3. and v5
SUN Solaris
SUN Hardware (E10k, Sf280, E220, storage)
Veritas Volume Manager v2
Solstice Disksuite
iPlanet Webserver v4.1 + v6
iPlanet Directory Server v5.2

Dec.2000 - Jun.2001 Internet Infrastructure Consultant at ING Bank, Amsterdam NL. Implementing various projects within the ING inter- and intranet environment within large and scalable environments focusing on 24*7 service windows and security.
Skills: Alaire Coldfusion
iPlanet Webserver
IBM Websphere v3
SUN Solaris

Sept.1998 - Nov.2000 Systems Specialist at ING Bank, Amsterdam NL. Setting up and estimating control, security and safety of Unix-based servers (from small to the largest multi-processing/multi-domain servers) and the applications in the ING network as well as documenting all relating issues.
Skills: SUN Solaris
SUN Cluster v2
Veritas Volume Manager v2
SUN Hardware (E10k, E450, E250, Storage)