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Senior Engineer with Digacom
Den Haag
In overleg

1998-2002: Informatica (Computer Science) at the college of The Hague.

1992-1995: Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Nijmegen. Diploma (with
honours) received in 1995.

1991-1992: Program for foreign students at the Ben-Gurion University of Beer-Sheva
(Israel). Diploma received in 1992.

1990-1991: Law school at the University of Utrecht.

1983-1990: Highschool (VWO). Diploma received in 1990.

-Fundamentals of Telecommunications from Phillips Telecom
-Principles of Telecommunications from Phillips Telecom
-Fast Packet Switching from Phillips Telecom
-Introduction to Cisco Router Configuration (passed CCNA in 2000) from Getronics
-Advanced Cisco Router Configuration (passed ACRC in 2000) from Getronics
-Building Cisco Remote Access Networks (BCRAN) from Global Knwoledge
-Designing Cisco Networks (passed CCDA in 2001) from Global Knowledge
-Cisco Internetwork Troubleshooting (passed CIT in 2001) from Global Knowledge
-Advanced Border Gateway Protocol Configuration from Global Knowledge
-CCIE Lab Preparation Part I from Azlan
-CCIE Written Preparation from Dimension Data
-CCIE Lab Preparation from Dimension Data (passed CCIE in 2004)
-Network Security Seminar from Cisco in Amsterdam
-HP OpenView Network Node manager 5.0 from VMS
-Telfort Specialist Program from managementcenter 'de Baak' (3 modules)
-Presentation skills from Interselling
-Projectleader I from Cap Gemini
-Four modules from Project Services as preparation for the IPMA D-certificate (passed IPMA D certificate in 2001)
-Internet Publishing from Computrain
-Oracle Discoverer end users from Richter Fast Lane
-Electro Static Discharge (ESD)


-Fluent in Dutch
-Fluent in English
-Reasonable understanding of Hebrew


-IPMA D certificate (Projectleader)
-Certified Cisco Design Associate (CCDA)
-Certified Cisco Network Associate (CCNA)
-Cisco IP Telephony Express Specialist
-Cisco IP Communications Express Specialist
-Cisco IP Telephony Support Specialist
-Certified Cisco Network Professional (CCNP)
-Certified Cisco Internetwork Professional (CCIP)
-Certified Cisco Design Professional (CCDP)
-Certified Cisco Internetwork Expert R&S (CCIE): registration number 14286
Also passed CCIE Security written exam

May 2005-May 2006: Senior Engineer with Digacom
Job description: Digacom is specialized in IPT. My job is configuring every element of an IPT network: mainly routers, switches, callmanagers and security devices. After delivery I stay responsible for the support of the network. I also teach Cisco courses for Global Knowledge.
January 2001-May 2005: Technical Support Engineer with British Telecom
Job description: Configuring Cisco routers for business customers and third line support fault-handling. It mainly concerns routers for ISDN, Frame-Relay, MPLS and internetservices. Besides configuring routers a technical support engineer has a strong advisory role towards the customer about his/her network. I was also responible for the design, implementation and maintance of the Cisco Goldpartner Lab.
December 1999-January 2001: Projectleader CSC with Telfort
Job description: Leading projects within the Customer Service Centre. This mainly involved the introduction of new products, procedures and systems.
July 1998-December 1999: Customer Service Engineer with Telfort
Job description: Diagnose outages concerning datanetworks (both Telfort and Concert). In this job I mainly dealt with Frame-Relay, X-25, EDI and Internet. Once diagnosed, we either solved the problem ourselves or dispatched it to another department or partner.
May 1997-July 1998: Customer Service Representative (CSR) with Telfort
Job description: First point of contact for business
customers who report outages concerning their
international data and voice networks. The CSR stays responsible until the problem is solved.
Jan. 1997- April 1997: Several jobs in telemarketing and customer service
Feb. 1996-Dec. 1996: Supervisor telemarketing with Friends and Partners
Job description: Leading a telemarketingteam of three full-timers and seven part-timers. I was responsible for hiring personel, training and the functioning of the team.
Nov. 1995-Jan. 1996: Telemarketeer with Friends and Partners