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Software Developer

1995-1999: Ph.D. (Cum Laude) Applied Physics, Delft University of Technology.
1987-1993: M.Sc. Theoretical Physics, Utrecht University.

Programming languages: Java (J2SE and J2EE), C++, Visual Basic, Pascal, Fortran, VB.NET, C#.NET.

Operating systems: Windows 3.0-XP, Linux, Unix, MS-DOS.

Databases & access: SQL, MS Access, MySQL, PostgreSQL, JDBC, CMP-EJBs.

Internet Technologies: HTML, JavaScript, DHTML, CSS, Java Servlet Technology, Java Server Page Technology, JSP Tag libraries, XML.

Web services: Apache Axis Web Services, JAX-RPC. Understanding of principles regarding SOAP, UDDI, WSDL. Built web service with Apache Axis.

Script languages: CShell, Bash, AWK, SED.

Server technology: JBoss 3.2, IBM Websphere Application Server 5.0 (WAS), Apache HTTP-server, Tomcat 5.0 Server, Sun Application Server 7.0, FileZilla FTP Server 2.x

Integrated Development Environments (IDEs): JBuilderX, NetBeans 4.x., IBM Wesbphere Application Developer (WSAD), Sun ONE Studio (Enterprise Edition), Eclipse, MS Visio, GNU Dev C++

Frameworks: Struts, JUnit, Cactus, Hibernate, Spring.

Methodologies: Object Oriented Programming (OOP), Enterprise Design Patterns, UML.

Office tools: MS Excel, MS Word, MS FrontPage, Adobe PDF, LaTeX, Adobe Photoshop Elements.

Algorithms: Linear programming, genetic algorithms, heuristic algorithm power plant optimization.

Knowledge areas: Statistics, optimization, modelling, finance, hedging, options, derivatives, energy, physics and mathematics.

Mathematical software: Maple, Mathematica.

Nuclear reactor software: Panther, Thermix, SCALE, Monte Carlo for Neutrons & Photons (MCNP).

Industry knowledge: Energy, finance, science and technology.

Dec 2004-Nov 2005 Project: JAVA/J2EE Development Banking application
Company: IBM
Development Environment: WebSphere Application Developer (WSAD), Tortoise Concurrent Versioning System (CVS)
- Implemented use case. - Designed and documented health-check mechanism for system. - Participated in the Generic Components Team. - Generated EJBs, JavaProxies with WebSphere Invocation Framework (WSIF). - Developed an abstract factory generating dynamic java proxy objects (decorator pattern, java reflection). - Implemented InvocationHandler to automatically monitor DAO method invocations - Created XSLT files for transforming XML files into HTML. - Created JUnit test in conjunction with Cactus test tool. - Created an XSLT filter for doing XML-to-HTML transformation. - Used Cygwin (Unix emulator) and wrote shell scripts.
2002-to 2004: Project: Start-up of "WattAbout, Energy Software & Consultancy " J2EE design / JAVA development
- Designed web-based enterprise system with J2EE. - Developed JAVA applets for a rich user-interface inside browser. - Established applet-servlet communication. - Installed JBoss 3.2 and Tomcat server bundle. - Designed database with MySql 4.x. - Developed an algorithm for maximization of nonlinear, mixed-integer problem. - Applied Design patterns to Session Facade Beans, Message Driven Beans, EJB delegates and Data Access Objects (DAOs), Data Transferable Objects (DTOs), Filter Servlets and Listener Servlets. - Designed and implemented an asynchronous architecture for big calculations on the basis of JMS, message driven beans and stateful session beans. - Developed Container Managed Persistence (CMP) Enterprise Java Beans. - Developed an algorithm for calculation of (co)-variances of commodities with prices on a non-equidistant time grid. - Designed and implemented calculation scheme for variance-covariance matrix and volatilities. - Implemented a design with Remote Method Invocation (RMI) and Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI). - Created 'dynamic' web pages with DHTML (JavaScript and Servlets). - Configured a secure connection with HTTP-server. - Developed and implemented Black-Scholes and related option models. - Created signed applets for granting i/o permissions at client-side - Proved to be a self-starter and autodidact. - Designed, build and deployed website . - Created web services on the basis of Apache Axis for option calculation and published them on test UDDI site.

2001-2002: Senior Structurer at Reliant Energy Europe
Obtained status of "Key Employee". Functional review grade: 5 out of 5.
- Development of Gasunie-gas capacity cost minimizer. - Development of APX option tool - Construction of base cases (Company's strategic target) - Key user of company's dispatch model - Definition of Sales/Generation target (co-operation with Marketing) - Development of Heavy Fuel Oil burning tool - Hedge strategy for Blast Furnace Gas - Contributor to StatOil-gas contract valuation - Various investment analyses - Development of unforeseen-outage model - Knowledge-transfer with Dispatch Dept.
2001-2002: Analyst at Essent Energy Trading
- Option modelling - Load forecasting - Providing information on energy issues - Implementation Gasunie-gas capacity price structure - Realized big-screen energy price information system on trade floor - Cost price models power units - Option pricing
1999-2000: Nuclear Engineer at NRG.
1995-1999: PhD Researcher at Energy Research Foundation (ECN) / Nuclear Research & Consultancy Group (NRG). Thesis: "Plutonium Burning in a Pebble-Bed High Temperature Reactor" . Grade: "Cum Laude". Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Ir. H. van Dam (Delft University of Technology).
1994-1995: Software Engineer at Cap Gemini.
1993-1994: Military Service as Sergeant Reconnaissance Battalion.
1992-1993: Graduate Research on nuclear fusion at FOM-institute "Rijnhuizen".
1992: Traineeship Philips Research Eindhoven. Grade "Good". Research on sub-micron semiconductors.